In this post, we share a link that will direct you to our recent webinar on youth athletic development.

In this webinar, we cover a range of topics related to youth athletes and how we can create a framework to develop elite-level athletes for the future.

Some of the topics we will cover include;

  1. Building a robust athlete
  2. A proposed 5 tier athletic development model for the South African school’s sports systems
  3. Implementation of strength & conditioning for youth athletes
  4. Methods in reducing injury rates in youth athletes
  5. Managing training loads – with a focus on the multi-sport athlete
  6. Early vs late specialization (Pros & Cons for each)
  7. Returning to sports post a long lay off (ie lockdown period)

Student athletes should not be judged solely on the number of wins at school, but more so by the number of “wins” after school


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