We have one core belief: Build Better Athletes.

As a brand, APA stands for the success of our athletes. We believe in you being able to achieve your complete and true potential. This is what drives us and it is our mission to propel you to the next level of sporting performance and long term success.

We take great pride in our academic background, but it is the ability to apply this knowledge through real-world experience gained by working with world-class athletes around the globe that truly sets APA apart. This experience has allowed us to understand the impact we can have on your training plans.

Our athletic performance training programs aim to be holistic in nature, catered to your needs, for anything from:

  • Strength and conditioning

  • Rehabilitation of injuries

  • Injury prevention

  • Speed and agility

  • Power and velocity-based training

  • Nutrition plans

  • Educational webinars (various topics)

Wayne & Robin at Tokyo Olympic Games Athlete Village

Athlete Performance Authority Core Values

  • No egos

  • Athlete first

  • Confident but humble

  • Over Deliver

  • Foster relationships

  • Win each day

The Athlete Performance Authority Team

Dr. Wayne Lombard

Wayne has been applying his passion for over 12 years with athletes around the world. With humility, passion, empathy, patience being the corner stone of his approach, Wayne has had the privilege to see many of his athlete perform at the highest level. Wayne completed his undergraduate and honours degrees at the University of Kwa- Zulu Natal (Durban). He then joined the Sports Science Institute of South Africa as a Biokineticist and Performance enhancement specialist at the High-Performance Centre. After this he went on to complete is Masters degree in Biokinetics as well as his PhD in Exercise Science, both from the University of Cape Town.  Wayne has worked with some of the best athletes in South Africa, China, Japan as well as India. His most recent stint was with the Indian Womens Field Hockey Team, overseeing all performance aspects in preparation for Tokyo 2020(1) Olympic Games.

Robin Arkell

Robin has been involved in various high performance environments for the last 10 years, with experience in professional rugby union and international field hockey. Robin’s ability to create a unique sense of connection between himself and the athletes he works with has ensured that his methods of athletic performance have resulted in high levels of buy in and trust resulting in success with the 2014 UCT Ikey Tigers in the Varsity Cup and more recently with the Indian mens hockey team, winning a bronze medal at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.
Robin has completed his undergraduate degree in Sports Science and honours degree in Biokinetics at Stellenbosch University, while furthering his studies through the University of Cape Town, completing his Masters of Philosophy in Biokinetics. He specialised in strength and conditioning, becoming a NSCA CSCS and ASCA accredited coach.
Robin is passionate about all things high performance and currently finds interest in creating cultures which stimulate high performing teams, leadership, and enhancing special strength and power development in team sport athletes.

Sarah Chantler

Sarah loves everything about food and how it supports athlete health and performance plans. From the building blocks of cooking, flavour and meal variety; to optimising ergogenics and ensuring that all nutritional requirements are met. Sarah has developed a strong athlete centered philosophy and pragmatic streak working with athletes for the last 10 years. Working at the Sports Science Institute of South Africa in Cape Town was a huge part of her development. She is currently completing her PhD in England after completing both her Dietetics degree and Masters in Exercise Science at the University of Cape Town.

What the athletes say!

Wayne’s training was very practical. While training with him my strength increased very quickly.

His training methods were specific for hockey and me, they were very efficient.

Wang Bo Wen, Liaoning National League and China Hockey Senior Men’s Team (Midfielder)

Robin’s passion for what he does would be tough to match, always the consummate professional, giving undivided attention to his athletes thus forming the basis on how he works; developing relationships based on trust and integrity with all his athletes. Under Robin, I transformed into an extremely physical prop which elevated my game and allowed me to progress into senior provincial rugby

Digby Webb, University of Cape Town Rugby Football Club

It was a great pleasure training with and learning from Wayne. He taught me many new things not only during our training sessions but outside of the gym too.

Wayne knows how to get the best out of his athletes.

Dheeraj Rangi, India National Boxer (64kg)

When I was training with Wayne, I felt my conditioning and strength improve quickly!

His training methodology suited us very well. He brought a lot of joy, and  I really enjoyed training with him.

we miss him here at Liaoning.

Lin Chang Liang, Liaoning National League and China Hockey Senior Men’s Team (Midfielder)

Working with Wayne was very different in a great way. He can always explain why we were doing what at any time during my training plan.

He always pushed me to find new boundaries.

He always helped whether injured or training for a major competition to achieve my goals

Rudolf Visser, National Open Water Swimmer & Freedom swim Winner

His dedication to detail, with each of his players, all but guarantees significant improvement in performance. He is always one step ahead, constantly challenging me to become the best athlete I could be. Robin is one of the hardest workers in his field and continues to prove himself as one of the best in the world.

Carel Greef, Mpumalanga Pumas

What a privilege to have worked with Robin. He took my career to the next step helping me to improve as an all-round rugby player, but specifically helping to improve my body composition goals, speed, power and in contact strength. Always a smile and willingness to work hard and assist whoever in getting better. Loved working with him.

Hennie Skorbinksi, Mpumalanga Pumas, Captain

I felt my strength increase. I like Wayne’s training a lot. The way of training allowed me to focus a lot more than before.

Wayne is not only a good coach but a good person and we got along very well.

Yu Xin, Liaoning National League and China Hockey Senior Men’s Team (Striker)