Cricket Strength 1.0

Cricket Strength 1.0


Cricket Strength 1.0 is a comprehensive, 44 page program covering all your needs from warm ups, strength sessions and conditioning sessions. Cricket strength 1.0 has been designed with the modern day cricketer in mind where strength, conditioning, power and speed are becoming increasingly more important with the evolution of the T20 leagues around the world as well as the increased intensity of longer form games.

Cricket strength 1.0 is the first in a series of cricket specific ebooks and therefore focuses on off season preparation with prescription which matches that phase of preparation.

APA produce programs with the intention of building relationships with everyone who enagages with us and therefore this is the first in a series of programs which will take you through the complete cycle of preparation, and help you become the best cricket athlete you can be.


The program covers the following:

  • pre and post testing
  • pre strength warm ups
  • strength sessions split into lower body, upper body and total body
  • extensive tempo running sessions
  • off feet aerobic power conditioning


We have one core belief: Build Better Athletes.

As a brand, APA stands for the success of our athletes. We believe in you being able to achieve your complete and true potential. This is what drives us and it is our mission to propel you to the next level of sporting performance and long term success.

We take great pride in our academic background, but it is the ability to apply this knowledge through real-world experience gained by working with world-class athletes around the globe that truly sets APA apart. This experience has allowed us to understand the impact we can have on your training plans.

Cricket strength 1.0 has been designed by APA using knowledge gained from working with elite level teams in the top T20 leagues around the world.

All the methods used with the best cricketers in the world are laid out in an easily understandable way in Cricket strength 1.0. It is a comprehensive strength and conditioning program that takes complete care of all your needs with structured warm ups, strength, and conditioning sessions that are geared towards your needs as a cricketer!

We sincerely hope that this program is the start of a longer term relationship between you and APA. Keep in touch with us through our social media’s and we would be happy to provide that extra level of personal attention that you may need!

Let us know how you are going by tagging us in your instagram posts and using the #apacricketstrength.

Yours in cricket,


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