FORTIUS V1.0 is the first in a series of strength based programs that we have used with our elite athletes around the world. FORTIUS is of latin origin and means STRONGER.

With FORTIUS V1.0, a 4 week strength based program, we offer a 3 day undulating program which is based on the tier system format.

FORTIUS V1.0 is here to allow YOU to realise some BIG strength gains!

Sample program session: TOTAL BODY – medium day

A1. Trap bar deadlift (w1: 6 X 4 @ 75%)


B1. DB Bulgarian split squat + B2. DB incline chest press (W1: 5 X 5 @ 75%)

C1. BB shrug (W1: 4 X 6 @ 75% – 2″ ISO hold)

D1. DB step up (medium box) (W1: 3 X 8 @ 70%)

Posterior chain:

P1. DB bilateral RDL + P2. Seated calf raises (W1: 2 X 12)