MAGNUM V1.0 is the first in a series of hypertrophy based programs that we have used with our elite athletes around the world. MAGNUM is of latin origin and means BIG, GREAT.

With MAGNUM V1.0, a 4 week high volume mechanical hypertrophy program, we offer a 6 day program which also includes built in high intensity conditioning sets.

MAGNUM V1.0 is here to allow YOU to realise some BIG gains!

Sample program session: Lower body

A1. BB Back squat (4 X 10 – 2:1:x:0)

B1. BB clean position lunge + B2. Standing hamstring curls (2 X 10 + 2 X 8)

C1. Double leg, leg press + C2. DB goblet squats (2 X 10 + 2 X 8)

D1. Double leg, leg extensions + D2. Standing calf raises (2 X 10 + 2 X 8)

HIIT cycling set: 20″W:40″R X 10 sets