• MAGNUM V1.0 is the first in a series of hypertrophy based programs that we have used with our elite athletes around the world. MAGNUM is of latin origin and means BIG, GREAT. With MAGNUM V1.0, a 4 week high volume mechanical hypertrophy program, we offer a 6 day program which also includes built in high intensity conditioning sets. MAGNUM V1.0 is here to allow YOU to realise some BIG gains! Sample program session: Lower body A1. BB Back squat (4 X 10 - 2:1:x:0) B1. BB clean position lunge + B2. Standing hamstring curls (2 X 10 + 2 X 8) C1. Double leg, leg press + C2. DB goblet squats (2 X 10 + 2 X 8) D1. Double leg, leg extensions + D2. Standing calf raises (2 X 10 + 2 X 8) HIIT cycling set: 20"W:40"R X 10 sets  
  • CITIUS V1.0 is the first in a series of power based programs that we have used with our elite athletes around the world. CITIUS is of latin origin and means SWIFTER or FASTER With CITIUS V1.0, a 3 week cluster set style power program, which is split into a pull day, a squat day and a push day. CITIUS V1.0 is here to allow YOU to realise some EXPLOSIVE power gains! Sample program session: PUSH DAY A1. BB push jerk (W1: 3 X 9 using clusters of 3 reps @ 85%) DYNAMIC EFFORT SUPERSET B1. BB band bench press + B2. Clap push ups (W1: 6 X 3 @ 70% / 30%) DYNAMIC EFFORT SUPERSET C1. BB jammer press + C2. MB single arm push into wall (W1: 6 X 3 @ 70% / 30%) SUPERSET ONE: D1. Tricep extensions + D2. DB lateral raises (W1: 3 X 10 @ 65%) PILLAR strength P1: Standing BB half moon rotations (W1: 4 X 10)  
  • FORTIUS V1.0 is the first in a series of strength based programs that we have used with our elite athletes around the world. FORTIUS is of latin origin and means STRONGER. With FORTIUS V1.0, a 4 week strength based program, we offer a 3 day undulating program which is based on the tier system format. FORTIUS V1.0 is here to allow YOU to realise some BIG strength gains! Sample program session: TOTAL BODY - medium day A1. Trap bar deadlift (w1: 6 X 4 @ 75%) SUPERSET ONE: B1. DB Bulgarian split squat + B2. DB incline chest press (W1: 5 X 5 @ 75%) C1. BB shrug (W1: 4 X 6 @ 75% - 2" ISO hold) D1. DB step up (medium box) (W1: 3 X 8 @ 70%) Posterior chain: P1. DB bilateral RDL + P2. Seated calf raises (W1: 2 X 12)  
  • APA relative intensities sheet is automated to help guide you on your loads to be used for your training session. The loads are worked out relative to your actual or predicted 1RM. You can create a full predicted 1RM sheet for your team of up to 45 athletes. As well as an individualised %1RM for anyone of your individual athlete’s data that has been entered into the sheet.

  • The following program is an introductory strength and conditioning program which follows the traditional 1 X 20 protocol developed by Dr Micheal Yessis, typically prescribed for beginner or youth athletes, although many college and pro level athletes have also found huge benefit in using it.

    Some of the proposed benefits of using the program include; allowing the athlete to do more during the training week, an increased exposure to different stimuli through a higher number of repetitions and exercises as well as improving technique, whole body strength, strength endurance, speed and power development and an improved coordination and execution of sports movement.

  • Cricket Strength 1.0 is a comprehensive, 44 page program covering all your needs from warm ups, strength sessions and conditioning sessions. Cricket strength 1.0 has been designed with the modern day cricketer in mind where strength, conditioning, power and speed are becoming increasingly more important with the evolution of the T20 leagues around the world as well as the increased intensity of longer form games. Cricket strength 1.0 is the first in a series of cricket specific ebooks and therefore focuses on off season preparation with prescription which matches that phase of preparation. APA produce programs with the intention of building relationships with everyone who enagages with us and therefore this is the first in a series of programs which will take you through the complete cycle of preparation, and help you become the best cricket athlete you can be.   The program covers the following:
    • pre and post testing
    • pre strength warm ups
    • strength sessions split into lower body, upper body and total body
    • extensive tempo running sessions
    • off feet aerobic power conditioning
  • CITIUS, ALTIUS, FORTIUS V1.0 is a bundle pack of hypertrophy, strength and power based programs. The programs included in the bundle are a composition of the individual programs named CITIUS V1.0, FORTIUS V1.0 and MAGNUM V1.0.  


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